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Paint Me A Rainbow - Autism Awareness WA Incorporated

Online Store

Online Store

Rainbow Coloured Water Beads - Sensory Tool


These tiny little water beads are a fanastic sensory tool and toy for children with all abilities.  The bag contains these tiny beads which you add water too to make them expand.  The feeling of the water beads is very calming and can be used as a sensory calm down tool for children with sensory processing or Autism.

They can be used by them selves, added to sensory calm down bottles or made into your own magical creation.

The bag weights between 45-50grams (advised by manufacturer there is approx 10000PCS)  The beads expand in water - this bag will be plenty for you to make quite a few different creations.

*Not recommend for children under the age of 3.  Not to be consumed or placed within mouth.

It is also recommend that you wash your hands before and after use. autismawarenesswa/videos/619830431736427 /

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