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Paint Me A Rainbow - Autism Awareness WA Incorporated

Online Store

Online Store

My Calm Box - By Lachie


For some our of children it is vital they learn the skills to help them self regulate.  To self regulate in a busy school enivronment, at shopping centres and even playing with friends can be very tricky for children living with autism and special needs.  Lachie has taught us the importance of having sensory tools to help him stay calm, and to 'return to calm', and that is why Lachie thought it would be a nice idea to share some of his favourite go to sensory tools with you.  

Including in your 'My Calm Box' are:

* 1 x 'chewie necklace' RRP $12.95

*1 x tough putty RRP $4.00

*1 x bag of rainbow waterbeads $8.00

* 2 x mini squeezy yellow people $4.00

1 x poppit RRP $8.00 (selection subject to availability)

2 x yellow stretchies RRP $6.00

1 x Spin top (colours will vary) RRP $2.00

1 x squeezy keychain friend (friends will vary) $4.00

April the rainbow dragon sticker and Flash dragon sticker

My Calm Box is offered to you at a special combined price of $52.95 + postage


Is your pack for a boy or a girl?

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